The Kinaesthetics basic course is the first basic course in the Kinaesthetics education system.
The focus is on  dealing with your own movement using the 6 Kinaesthetics concepts.
This enables the participants to make first adjustments in their everyday lives that have a positive impact on their handling skills, health development and quality of life.


Kinaesthetics in nursing is aimed at nurses, carers and therapists who work in an institution of health or social work.


Become sensitive to your own movement.
Interaction concept
Discover the possibilities of your own anatomy.
Concept of functional anatomy
Understand movement patterns.
Concept human movement
Do more with less power.
Concept effort
My personal development process.
Concept human function
Actively shape the environment.
Concept environment


The participants:
experience and know the 6 Kinaesthetics concepts and bring them with you
related to their everyday activities.
experience and understand the relationship between the quality of their
own movement and their health development.
steer during their everyday activities with the help of individual concept
angle your awareness of your own movement.
develop first ideas to use their movement skills in everyday life,
that they can shape their everyday challenges in a diverse and independent way.


Single experience
Draw attention to differences in your own movement
based on the concept perspective.
partner experience
Perceiving differences in your own movement during the
Interacting with another person.
application experience
Processing of personal questions from everyday life. Planning and
Implement the independent learning process in everyday life. Document
and evaluating your own learning process.


The recommended course duration is 24 hours.
Structuring the course as a learning phase favors a sustainable one
Implementation in practice.
After successful completion of the basic course, the
Participants from Kinaesthetics Switzerland receive the basic course certificate.
This is the prerequisite for participating in an advanced course.